Lisa Schroeder CCP
Portland, Oregon


1| Protect the restaurant well so the Mother's team can focus on what they do best—create delicious, homemade favorites using quality ingredients and serve them to guests with love

2| Find a risk management partner who shares Lisa's passion, attention to detail and commitment to quality

3| Develop a long-term partnership with this Portland culinary institution



  • Engage Fournier Group

  • Leverage the agency's experience, expertise and relationships to secure the best possible coverage and earn the Mother's team's trust by advising, problem solving and advocating on the restaurant's behalf throughout the insurance process

  • Provide ongoing proactive, responsive personal service and optimal risk management solutions


Mothers and Fournier Group have enjoyed for many years a mutually beneficial partnership rooted in trust, three-star Michelin personal service and top-quality risk management.

Aloha | Beverton | Milwaukie, Oregon



1| Assess the current level of broker service received by this nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with developmental disabilities

2| Gauge the appetite of insurance carriers for the risks associated with this business

3| Provide an opinion on the structure of Edwards Center’s insurance program



  • Perform a deep dive into Edwards Center’s operations

  • Reconcile Edwards Center’s operations and insurance carriers’ appetite for risk against Edwards Center’s current insurance program

  • Compare service offerings against the organization’s needs


Fournier Group’s assessment report identified methodologies by which costs could be reduced, coverage enhanced and service substantially improved. Edwards Center engaged Fournier Group to secure these benefits; Fournier Group is thrilled to represent this special organization. 

Portland, Oregon + southwest Washington

qdoba photo.jpg


Review the existing insurance program and provide recommendations for the nine locally owned and operated Qdoba Mexican-grill restaurants in Oregon and southwest Washington


  • Audit QdobaOregon’s insurance program with an eye to identifying coverage gaps

  • Create a strategic plan to address coverage gaps

  • Tailor the insurance program to fit the company's unique needs


We uncovered substantial coverage gaps leaving QdobaOregon vulnerable to significant losses. Based on our report and recommendations, along with with our professionalism, personalized service and shared commitment to giving back to local communities, QdobaOregon hired Fournier Group. That was in 2010. The strong partnership continues today.

Vancouver, Washington

john and marilyn faherty photo.jpg


Provide top-quality service to—and build a meaningful, long-term relationship with—the Fahertys*

*The Fahertys sold their 20-year-old insurance business, Portland Insurance Agency, to another local agency. That agency sold to a national broker, causing the Fahertys to miss their personal connection with—and the high level of service provided by—their former (and own) agency.



  • Apply Fournier Group's defined service platform to the couple’s specific needs

  • Conduct annual insurance program reviews, communicate proactively, make recommendations and take action when needed

  • Continue to serve the local community, a core value shared with the Fahertys and their former agency


Since partnering with Fournier Group, the Fahertys have enjoyed optimal coverage, first-rate personal service and peace of mind to pursue the next chapters of their lives worry-free. The Fahertys have been valued clients of Fournier Group for multiple years; several of their relatives also trust their insurance—both personal and business—to Fournier Group.

23Hoyt + Saucebox + Bluehour + Clarklewis
Portland, Oregon

bcr 500x400.jpg


Provide optimal risk management for four top specialty restaurants, each offering a fresh fine-dining experience 


  • Leverage Fournier Group’s in-depth knowledge of the restaurant business and independent, artisan establishments

  • Understand each restaurant’s business and risks; on that foundation, build the right insurance program for the lowest cost

  • Develop a longstanding professional partnership rooted in trust


Since 2004, Bruce Carey has entrusted his risk management to Fournier Group. We review his restaurants' (and every client’s) insurance program each year. Given these annual stewardship and benchmarking reports, coupled with our proactive personal service, Bruce knows his restaurants are optimally insured, providing his team with peace of mind and a competitive advantage.


Portland, Oregon

metropolitan land group drawing.jpg


Create a risk management program to manage better and at lower cost the diverse nature of MLG’s holdings and operations


  • Evaluate the scope of MLG’s operations and property holdings, which include land development, vacant land and multi-family housing

  • Review MLG’s internal risk-management practices and procedures

  • Conduct a cost-of-risk analysis and gather industry benchmarks


  • MLG’s cost-of-risk fell by 20% after Fournier Group identified opportunities to leverage MLG’s overall portfolio of risk within the insurance marketplace.

  • MLG gained a streamlined insurance program with significantly reduced group risk administration costs.

  • On Fournier Group’s recommendation, MLG established internal risk controls limiting previously unaddressed exposures to loss.

Wilsonville, Oregon

wilsonville 500x400.jpg


Evolve the risk management program and approach of this 100+-year-old supplier of quality concrete, construction materials and service*

*Wilsonville Concrete sought a knowledgeable partner who could provide robust risk management—safety and loss control, alternative risk financing mechanisms and risk administration support—as well as insurance coverage.



  • Design a safety and loss control program with quantifiable, bottom-line benefits

  • Actively participate in Wilsonville Concrete’s quarterly safety meetings

  • Refresh and enhance the supplier’s insurance program


With Fournier Group’s guidance and advocacy since 2006, Wilsonville Concrete has achieved industry-leading cost of risk.

Portland, Oregon

morel ink photo.jpg


1| Secure cost-effective, comprehensive insurance coverage for this locally owned and operated commercial printing/direct mail/promotional products business, allowing owner and staff to focus on what they do best

2| Provide ongoing outstanding personal service to Morel Ink

3| Help Morel Ink take its risk management to the next level



  • Invest time to understand and stay in-the-know on the spectrum of risks facing Morel Ink's business, management and ownership

  • Shop the marketplace and advocate on Morel Ink's behalf, leveraging Fournier Group's well-established relationships with the leading carriers

  • Conduct annual risk management reviews, communicate proactively, problem solve, make recommendations and take action when needed


Since 2010, Morel Ink and Fournier Group have enjoyed a mutually beneficial risk management partnership, plus a shared commitment to the community.