+ roots

As a teenager working for his father’s insurance agency, Dirk Fournier dreamed of providing a special agency experience. That aspiration fueled the founding of Fournier Group. It continues to shape the agency’s growth and inspire our team today.

+ goals

We endeavor to distinguish ourselves and to differentiate Fournier Group. We move beyond the elementary purchase of insurance. Our aim with every client: provide protection and peace of mind—and add value—through innovation, education, hard work, top quality service and optimal risk management solutions. We also strive to strengthen our community and have fun!

+ values

In our interactions with clients, colleagues and business partners, we stay true to our core values.

  • We seek to understand before rushing to judgment.
  • We demonstrate empathy in everything we do.
  • We show integrity in every action.
  • We encourage growth in all respects.

+ practices

We engage in these practices to ensure our actions support our goals and values:

  • We show pride for Fournier Group and contribute to our team.
  • We welcome new ideas and lead with fresh, forward-thinking approaches.
  • We make a difference in the lives of our clients and each other.
  • We build strong relationships and create clients for life.
  • Individually and as a team, we strive to excel and to improve the Fournier Group experience.
  • We embrace opportunities to keep learning and commit to professional growth.
  • We transform challenges into opportunities.
  • We support our community by engaging in Fournier Group’s nonprofit service program.
  • We proactively protect our clients as well as our agency’s confidential information.
  • We adhere to Fournier Group’s policies and procedures.