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Fournier Group's heritage extends back 42 years. That's when Dick Fournier started selling insurance out of the family home in Washington. Our CEO, Dirk Fournier, worked for his father as a teenager; in 1996, following several years with Safeco, Dirk joined the family business.

From 2001–2004, Dirk spearheaded the acquisition of four Oregon-based agencies, the cornerstones of Fournier Group today. He also initiated the rebranding of all Fournier agencies under the name Fournier Group. Dirk and his brother bought their father's company in 2006. When they decided to run separate businesses in 2010, Dirk acquired majority ownership of Fournier Group and its four southernmost offices.

Fournier Group acquired Aircraft & Marine Assurance, a well established aviation insurance agency based in Vancouver, WA, in the fall of 2018.

A courageous captain, Dirk continues to steer Fournier Group along a path of growth and innovation with a team of professionals committed to exceeding clients’ expectations, making a difference in the community and boosting people’s views of insurance.